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Our guarantees

We know that the most important thing is that your beloved ones receive only beautiful and fresh flowers in time. Since 1999 we do our sterling work. Our experience gained over a number of years is the best guarantee that all stages, starting from bouquet choice and up to delivery are ensured by our professional staff coordination and concentrated work.

Our company works to rules in order to eliminate all controversial points if happened.

1. Delivery Terms:

1.1. Gift Delivery Service YES is guarantee execution of the order in accordance with your choice on the website, to the address indicated in the order. Delivery address can be changed at the request of the recipient within the specified city, before the courier leaves.
1.2. Delivery date is selected at checkout. The order is proceeding after the payment.
1.3. In case of order cancellation (more than before 1 day): the refund is made according to the order. 15% of refund is retain for order processing and the payment system tariff for the retransfer.
1.4. If delivery is impossible for such reasons:
1.4.1. Incorrect recipient address when placing an order.
1.4.2. The recipient is absent at the address and time indicated by the customer (delivery time agreed with the recipient, or delivery was carried out without approval, at customer request).
1.4.3. The order doesn’t have or have incorrect recipient/customer data., that makes it impossible to get in touch and clarify the necessary information for the timely execution of the order.
1.4.4. The recipient refused to accept the gift.
1.4.5. Order cancellation in less than a day.

The amount is not refunded to the customer.

A full refund is guaranteed if paid-up order is not timely fulfilled due to the fault of "YES" service.

2. Substitution Policy:

2.1. If there are some reasons beyond company`s control when order cannot be executed exactly (the availability of certain flowers or fruits due to the season), our service reserves the right to make a substitution for a similar product, or better quality product coordinating it with the customer. All extra charges bear the performing party (gift delivery service - YES).
2.2. If the price is change upward or downward, after the order is payed, recalculation is not made. The price for the order will stay unchanged and will be delivered.

3. Quality Assurance:

3.1. Each bouquet is made by the florist according to the one you have chosen on the website. The composition is made of fresh flowers no more than 2 hours before delivery.
3.2. The substitution of flowers is negotiated with client only if the specific flower varieties or colors is not available for delivery on a specified day or season. At least two options are offered for substitution, without additional costs from the customer.
3.3. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the delivered bouquet, please contact our support team within 24 hours. Flowers are perishable goods, do we won`t be able to substitute them or refund payment if you do not notify us about this problem in a timely manner.

We are very meticulous about our customers, and we do everything to bring only joy and happiness for those who choose our services. If you are not satisfied with the service of our company when: placing or completing an order (operator’s work, website interface, courier’s work, etc.), please, let us know about this (by phone, leaving a review, email). Any of your wish or remark will not be left without attention. This allows our company to maintain high level of service, guarantee the quality, and be more client friendly.

We will be grateful for any of your feedback!

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