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Yes.UA - international flower delivery service

YES is an international company delivering flowers and gifts since 1999. Solid grounding allows us to understand our customers and guarantee good service. We can make any floral composition that will meet all your wishes. It can be a solemn basket for a special event or a delicate bouquet as a token of gratitude to mom. You will always find up-to-date proposals corresponding to a season and price holiday changes on our website.

Product quality and customers is our number one concern. Customers will come back again and again if the level of service and quality of flowers is the best.

YES company delivers flowers to 53 countries, to thousands of large and small cities with a help if branch offices and reliable partners in the shortest possible time. No matter where you order flowers, whether it Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine or another country, you will certainly get reliable service. We guarantee high quality service, freshness of flowers and timely delivery.

We have a perfect gifts and bouquets for every special occasion & holiday:

Giving flowers is the best way to convey your feelings.

Order flowers at YES company and create a holiday for your loved ones.


The Internet was only made available in 1999. It allowed people from all over the world to communicate online, carry on a correspondence via e-mail and get acquainted through marriage agencies. The store began to receive requests from Europe and the United States for girls in Ukraine and Russia. For better communication we launched a website to receive orders with delivery to 7 major cities of Ukraine and Russia.

We had an additional service of translating texts for recipients. There were no online translators, so this service made our website more popular.

A new version of the website was launched in 2002. A new service for delivery in 10 countries and more than 540 cities of the former USSR was added.

Also we have added an additional gift to the assortment of goods - sweets, balloons, soft toys. This allowed our customers to make unique and more targeted gifts to win the heart of a loved one.

For standing customers, we made a discount cards.

An updated version of the website was launched 2006 and we made a delivery in 1800 countries and more than 15 cities all over the world. Our company was the first to provide a different gift for each city. We took into account prices depending on the region, seasonality, holiday pricing and other factors to provide the most relevant assortment of goods. These new features allowed customers find out more about composition and be sure the delivered bouquet will correspond to the ordered one.

In 2012 we provided delivery to more than 3600 cities in 25 countries. There were more than 100 flower compositions to choose from for any city. More than 50,000 completed orders, 7,000 standing customers who have made more than 2 orders or are holders of discount cards.

Our company was the first who showed the exact composition for ordered bouquet, as well as provided the opportunity to change the flower composition based on own preference.

In 2014 we updated the assortment of goods with best size and quality images. There are 350 thematic bouquets for any occasion.

Delivery with a help of branch offices and reliable partners in 50 countries and thousands of cities. Over 175,000 orders delivered.

Messages system when choosing delivery date that inform about holidays and non-working days depending on the country.

A personal area on the website with an automatic reminder about upcoming holidays: Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc. Now our customers will not miss important dates.

We have developed, implemented new functions and features on the website, improving the service for almost 20 years. Thanks to high-quality work, we achieved customer loyalty. This allowed us to overcome hard times, and also make the service more customer-oriented.

The assortment of gifts and prices depend on the region of delivery and season. More than 350 amazing bouquets and compositions for various holidays and events are presented on the website. Enter the name of the delivery city to take a look at assortment.

You can place an individual order if you are not satisfied with the assortment of bouquets or the required delivery city is not in the list.

We are constantly improving our company, applying modern technology to meet expectations and provide our customers with the highest level of service.

Thank you for choosing our service and we want you to know that each client and the work that we do is important to us. We look forward to making your day brighter! We highly appreciate your trust.

YES company team.

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